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Plans to #Fix106

Ryan is ready to bring new ideas and fresh energy to the State House. Read below on his stances on the issues we all face, and how we will help bring results to the area.


Your kids deserve the best education!

As a proud product of our public schools and recent college graduate, Ryan is a fierce advocate of education and supporting our teachers. Ryan has spent the last 22 years of his life in the classroom and has been able to teach and mentor other peers while being a student himself.

Here are some of Ryan’s plans to support students and educators:

  • Increase Teacher Pay to $50,000
  • Fully Fund Public Schools
  • Reduce Class Sizes
  • Add Mental Health Resources and More Support Staff
  • Support Community Partnerships to Prepare Students for the Workforce


Expanding Access, Decreasing Costs

Ryan has experienced the failures of our healthcare system firsthand and lived uninsured for a number of years. He believes that no one should have to choose between paying their bills or seeking needed medical care.

Some ways Ryan plans to improve our healthcare:

  • ​Expand Medicaid
  • Protect Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights
  • Legalize Medicinal Marijuana
  • Increase Speciality Care Providers in the Area
  • Support Incentives to Attract More Nurses
  • Confront the Opioid Epidemic


Prepare for the Future, While Protecting Locals

Development has rapidly grown throughout the area and welcomed lots of new neighbors to our area. While we welcome all those who choose to call our area home, we must ensure we have the needed local infrastructure to support the growth and our locals.

Ryan plans to address these issues by:

  • Working With Local Officials to Halt Overdevelopment
  • Building New Highways and Fixing Our Current Ones
  • Expand Broadband Access
  • Support Establishing New Parks, Libraries, and Other Community Spaces
  • Add Sidewalks and More Lighting Near Schools


Conserve & Preserve

As a lifelong native of the area, Ryan grew up going to the beaches and enjoying the local state parks. He has watched as this area has grown and overdeveloped the land, while not protecting our wildlife or local resources. Making sure that we have a healthy environment is important for our current residents, but also for the future of our area and the longevity of our way of life.

Ryan will be a steward for the environment by:

  • ​Supporting Beach Nourishment
  • Advocate for New Protected Lands for Wildlife
  • Incentivize the Expansion of Renewable Energies in the State

Economy & Jobs

Stregthening Our Core Will Grow Our Economy

Ryan has worked since he was 12 years old to help support himself and his mother after his dad passed in 2011. He understands the value of a hard-earned dollar and as your representative, he will fight to bring back our fair share of taxes to Horry County.

Ryan plans to help the local economy and workforce by:

  • Supporting Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • End the State Income Tax
  • Create community partnerships to solve everyday issues

Justice & Corruption

Empowering And Protecting The Rights For All

Ryan is a strong advocate for increasing everyone’s rights in our state and stopping government encroachment in our private lives.

Ryan will fight against hate and give the power back to the people by:

  • ​Passing a Hate Crime Law (SC is currently 1 of 2 states without one)
  • Term Limits: No More Than 4 (8 years)
  • Ending Partisan School Board Elections
  • Host town hall meetings regularly to hear from voters

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